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About Us

Signature Business Consultant Perspective

"After visiting hundreds of business around the world in a variety of sectors and size, I realized one common thread...  Each business was as unique in culture, model and approach as those individuals employed by them. I quickly learned that each company needed customized solutions, continuous training, and solid business practices to avoid loss of revenue, top talent, politics, and when moving/opening/closing a new facility that includes new social media influences."     - Heather N. - a Certified Project Manager and Business Consultant

Did you know?

We engage the most highly respected and Emotionally Aware Technical and Business Professionals that understand the nuances of building and located across the United States and abroad.  You can expect Certified Professionals with over 10 years of  enterprise-wide solution consulting 

We Mind Your Business....

Because you have plenty of items on the 'to-do' list, it's time to take control and offset your time and risk by allowing us to take ownership on your behalf. 

We are equipped and experienced in most industries, business models, methodologies, approach and products. 

Our claim to fame is our reputation for completing contracted programs within budget and time using a 'hybrid" program management approach while respecting corporate policies. We also customize your plans to best suit the needs and objectives of your organization and business culture.


Our Network

Sometimes its just 'who you know'....

Without building strong relationships with amazing talent (of which have become Strategic Partners and Business Associates,) this firm would not have the breadth of talent that you deserve. Your success is a direct reflection on us and how well we meet your expectations.

Sign up with us today and have access to a pool of certified, professionals with decades of industry knowledge and hands-on experience like no other.